What is failure? Is failure loosing a class? Is failure pulling a rail in the junior jumpers? No failure isn’t making a mistake. Failure is giving up. Failure is quitting when it gets to hard. Failure is letting your mistake define you. Your mistakes do not define you as a rider. Never forget that.

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The US Equestrian Federation`s “invisible” conspiracy against up and coming riders who lack financial backing——(and I doubt they`ve even analyzed what they are doing)

There`s this conviction that THE way to create good riders is by sending them abroad to compete, to the tune of about 15-20,000 per horse, round trip. (and that`s just for the horse)

But who do they send? The riders with the best horses.

And how did those riders GET those best horses? Usually by being sponsored already.

SO—-The riders who GET USEF backing are the riders who already HAVE backing, which leaves the potentially top riders who lack backing even FURTHER in a hole, and it`s a hole created by THEIR OWN FEDERATION.

It`s the classic, “The rich get richer” syndrome.

If they used that money to send teams to shows like Dressage at Devon, for example, or to good US jumper shows, or to upgrade USA cross country courses, they could serve a much broader constituency.

But here`s the thing——If you say something enough times, and say it with sincerity and conviction, it tends to become true, at least in your mind, even if it isn`t true in reality. This is the current mantra:

"We need European exposure to create better riders," as if riding was like fencing, toe to toe competition. But it isn`t. It`s against the dressage test, against the course, and we have those right here at home.

But don`t tell “them” that. They think you don`t have a clue.


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have i ever said how much i love denny emerson

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yo denny emerson is my main man. always telling it like it is. 

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Behind the scenes in Aachen 2014. Source.

Pic1 - Gregory Wathelet.

Pic2 - The joy of Jos Verlooy after Belgium’s win in the Nations Cup.

Pic3 - Eric Lamaze & Gilbert de Roock.

Pic4 - Katrin Eckermann congratulated by Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum after her win in the Preis von Nordrhein-Westfalen.

Pic5 - Maikel Van der Vleuten.

Pic6 - Steve Guerdat petting PIGMALION DU ROZEL after his win with Julien Epaillard.

Pic7 - Cassio Rivetti’s horse, LA CROSS, with his groom, Lolita Riotte.

Pic8 - Cameron Hanley’s AMIRA getting a treat after her course.